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(Commission) Temari's Deal With Tayuya
After Temari used her giant tessen fan and her wind-style jutsu technique to destroy the Sound Ninja Tayuya's flute, Tayuya's minions disappeared and she was powerless.  “Hey you!  Its been a while.”  Temari said to Shikamaru.  “Yeah, it has.  What are you doing here, Temari?”  Shikamaru asked.  Temari replied in sarcastic voice, “Oh you know, I was just admiring the forest's scenery and--what the hell do you think I'm doing here?  I'm on a mission to help you guys out.  Listen, I have everything handled here, go ahead and get to your friends.  I'm pretty sure they're still fighting the rest of those Sound shinobi.”  Shikamaru nodded in agreement and took off.  But before he left, he told her, “Go a little easy on the forest!  You tore half of those damn trees down with that last attack.”  “I can't promise that!”  She said while wearing a smirk on her f
:iconsassysnakelover:sassysnakelover 33 7
Mature content
Kurumu and Moka's Navel Fetish Fun :iconsassysnakelover:sassysnakelover 12 2
Mature content
(Commission) A Locker Room Contest :iconsassysnakelover:sassysnakelover 9 4
Mature content
Weiss-Cream Sundae! (RWBY Navel fetish Fanfic) :iconpoopymcmuffin587:Poopymcmuffin587 40 10
Yang's New Fetish
    "As if I'd believe that!" Ruby angrily responded to her big sister. Yang had just finished telling her the events that has transpired in her bed last night. "It's true!!!" The blonde defended herself, her naughty parts still exposed and covered in the dried, sticky ice cream. "No it's not!" the little sister replied and crossed her arms, " You're just embarrassed that I found experimenting." Yang scoffed and raised an eyebrow. " Experimenting?!?!? You know I don't have any weird fetishes!!!"
    "Well how do I know you weren't lying?" Ruby responded. "Y-you're unbelievable..." Yang sighed as she buried her face in her hands. "But that still doesn't excuse you from playing with yourself in my bed," Ruby said, "I mean I know your bed's not the best, but you shouldn't have ruined mine!" Yang's head immediately sprang up from her hands. "WELL HEY, ITS NOT LIKE I ASKED TO BE TIED DOWN AND HAVE MY BELLYBUTTON TONGUE FUCKED BY A PSYCHOTIC MUTE!!!!"
:icontheflyingperson65:theflyingperson65 57 50
Yang Screams for Ice Cream
    Yang stood in the shower scrubbing her long blonde hair. She sighed deeply as the warm water ran down her body, humming a little tune to herself. She began soaping up her body soon after, rubbing the bar all over her naked wet body. She took the time to scrub her large, perky breasts, getting every nook and cranny. She went down her abdomen, scrubbing that as well, and shoved the edge of the bar into her navel. She wanted to make sure that every part of her was clean, and her tight innie bellybutton was no exception. The edge of the soap circled around in her navel, making it all slippery.
    The edge of the bar started rubbing across the knot at the back of her navel, getting faster as the soap lubed up her bellybutton. Yang didn't know it, but this was starting to arouse her. She started to leak a bit and felt a little twinge in her nether. Her soapy nipples became erect as well, poking through the suds covering her chest. Yang's legs bega
:icontheflyingperson65:theflyingperson65 49 21
Soul Eater Navel Fanfic: Maka Blair
The following story takes place during the first episode of Soul Eater, where Maka and Soul break into Blair's house. Blair gets ready to fight the intruders and take Soul away from Maka. Welcome to my edit of the story (A.K.A. how it should've gone >w
:iconpoopymcmuffin587:Poopymcmuffin587 57 20
Mature content
Laura and Karin (SFV Navel Play) :iconmegabuster001:megabuster001 34 5
Kurenai's Foot Quest Ch1
Note:I will no longer be posting stories on this site, so to read these stories and more from now on, please visit
Kurenai had always loved female feet, she admired their shape, their skin, smell and taste everything about them was magical, she admired and loved the women who took well care of them, her favorite nail polish color was red, even though she also loved pink.
It was impossible for her not to notice a good pair of feet, because they wore sandals and she could easily observe them, and without a doubt her favorite pairs of feet  were Sakura's, Ino's, Temari's, Hinata's and Tsunade's, she loved them because not only were they anatomically perfect, they were really well taken care of.
She had been obsessed with their feet for a long time, she knew the colors they'd usually paint their nails with, Sakura, Temari and Tsunade always opted for red, Ino for purple and Hinata for black, she'd spend a big part of her day fantasizing about wh
:icondogtrash:dogtrash 78 7
Mature content
Taokaka x MaleReader :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 24 10
Mature content
Patty x MaleReader x Liz :iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 28 18
Ami's Study Buddy
Written by: RedVelvetEater
It was a beautiful day like many others as Ami Mizuno was on her way to the public library. Like many weekends, she would often come here to read and to study. Moreover, like any warm days like this, she would wear light clothing.  This day, Ami wore a white T-shirt with an orange collar, bluish shorts, casual brown shoes with white ankle socks, and a book bag slung onto her right shoulder.  From her point of view, she really needed to study if she was ever going to be a doctor, and she often came to read because, well, she liked reading. As she arrived at the steps of the library, she met a boy she knew very well.
The boy stood on the top step looking down at Ami.  He stood at his full height of 5'10" with long dark hair down his shoulders with red highlights that made it stand out.  The light grey T-shirt that he would usually wear really contrasted with his tanned skin, and today was no exception.  He also wore jeans with a black faux snakeskin belt
:iconredvelvetpotatoes:RedVelvetPotatoes 76 27
Mature content
Thomas, Lita and Miyuki: Punishments can be Fun AT :iconoverlordofkings:overlordofkings 23 17
Mature content
Gift: Thomas' Greatest Test: Part 2 :iconoverlordofkings:overlordofkings 11 8
FMA: House on the hill
It was a warm quiet day when Edward went to visit Winry in Resembool, once he arrived Ed knocked on the door to which Winry answered "Ed? what the hell are you doing here?!?!" she yells at ed "what do you think im doing?!?" Ed yells back "ive just come to visit you" Ed angrily whispers, Winry then begins to blush and she invites Ed inside.
Ed sits down on a couch meanwhile Winry brings in some tea, Ed gets up to help her with the heavy tray but it ends up spilling all over the floor "ED! YOU MORON!"yells Winry "ahh shut up! God I cant believe I love yo.." Ed yells but suddenly pauses, Winry looks shocked and starts blushing "What?" she replies to Ed while he starts getting nervous and starts stuttering.
Suddenly Winry starts walking closer to Ed and in the process slips off her sandals "Winry? what are you doing?" Ed asks as Winry puts her finger over his lips and starts to shush him "Its okay Ed, you dont have to lie" Winry whispers as she slowly goes in to kiss Ed, as they kiss Winry
:iconnagato-the-alchemist:Nagato-the-alchemist 9 10
Why Elric OWNS Cullen
Why Elric OWNS Cullen
-Elric was born first
-Elric is sexier
-Cullen has no abs
-Elric doesn't think he's the worse person in the world because of who he is
-Cullen is self centered
-Cullen chose a retarded and clumsy girl as his wife
-Elric has ALCHEMY
-Cullen is too serious all the time
-Elric laughs, smiles, and jokes around more than Cullen would ever do in his poor miserable life
-Cullen acted before he thought when he thought Bella was dead
-Cullen took what Jacob said about the funeral the wrong way
-Cullen should have asked more before he went all suicidal
-Elric doesn't stare at a girl when he first meets her
-Cullen stared at Bella when he first saw her, most likely giving her perverted thoughts
-Cullen is too overprotective of his wife
-Elric would give his life for his brother
-Cullen wouldn't give a crap if his brothers got killed
:iconokima-san:Okima-san 42 32


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